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Armchair Dev - Pokemon Legends Arceus

This is an essay about about how Pokemon Legends Arceus for the Nintendo Switch is actually a master class in iterating on a long recycled formula through simplification of feature set while maintaining your core. Is it perfect? No. Is it worth checking out? Yes.

armchair-dev essay


This is a retrospective post about 2020. It was a year.


Thoughts on Focus and Deep Work

This is a post about my thoughts on deep work, my personal struggles with focus, and how I am working to overcome it so as to help others in a similar situation especially given the current circumstances of the world in 2020.


Armchair Dev - Animal Crossing Economy Curosities

This is an essay about the oddities that is the economy of the recently released Animal Crossing title for the Nintendo Switch. I had done a lightning talk on it as part of the lunch & learn education track at work and it has just gotten stranger since then.

armchair-dev essay

Hello World, It's Me Again

This is a the first post in a series of posts about getting started all over again, oh and it's open source now. It may not be the prettiest website, but it sure is readable.