Hey there, I'm Michael

Often found around the web as sprngr.

I make software, pixel art, scale model kits, games, or whatever I can get my hands on.

This website is a collection of selected projects I want to showcase & miscellaneous musings that pop into my head and have managed to be written down.

Want to get in touch, collab, or just say hi? Find me on your preferred platform or feel free to send an email.


Armchair Dev - Pokemon Legends Arceus

This is an essay about about how Pokemon Legends Arceus for the Nintendo Switch is actually a master class in iterating on a long recycled formula through simplification of feature set while maintaining your core. Is it perfect? No. Is it worth checking out? Yes.

armchair-dev gaming essay


This is a retrospective post about 2020. It was a year.


Thoughts on Focus and Deep Work

This is a post about my thoughts on deep work, my personal struggles with focus, and how I am working to overcome it so as to help others in a similar situation especially given the current circumstances of the world in 2020.


Armchair Dev - Animal Crossing Economy Curosities

This is an essay about the oddities that is the economy of the recently released Animal Crossing title for the Nintendo Switch. I had done a lightning talk on it as part of the lunch & learn education track at work and it has just gotten stranger since then.

armchair-dev gaming essay

More shower thoughts this way


Twitch Bot

An extensible Javascript based combination chatbot and Twitch client built for a private streamer.

projects chatbot

It's this website!

projects website

Aseprite Record

An Aseprite utility script for recording snapshots in app to build pixel art time lapses.

projects plugin open-source

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