2020 was the year the felt like it would never end. I wanted to write up some sort of retrospective about the year itself.

Here is a list, in no particular order beyond the order I am remembering it.

  • Became more active as a Maker, acquired a 3D printer & learned to become a hobby machinist.
  • Set a goal of learning 3D modeling via Blender, ended up learning via CAD instead.
  • Uploaded original & remixed designs to Thingiverse.
  • Working remotely since March, struggling with focus & distraction.
  • Experienced extreme burnout due to loss of separation from work/home environment.
  • Built a busy light indicator with a custom slack integration.
  • Contributed to two open source projects.
  • Was a guest on 2 podcasts.
  • First time shattering my mobile phone screen, had to figure out how to get it fixed with all repair shops closed during stay-at-home order.
  • Ended one side gig, and picked up a new one that was the farthest from what I was expecting.
  • Shipped my Aseprite Record plugin, with almost 400 downloads at the time of writing.
  • Competed & took first in my first Gunpla building competition.
  • Participated in one game jam.
  • Expanded my yearly monster drawing challenge to become its own Twitter account, and then it fell apart near the end.
  • Completed 14 model kits this year, apologies to anyone who follows me as that is what my timeline has primarily become.
  • Visited France for the first time, second time leaving the US (Japan in 2017).
  • Learned how to work with an airbrush, and never going back.
  • Took on my first Gunpla commission.
  • Rebuilt this website from the ground up. I have yet to update it like I had planned many months ago.
  • Had to quarantine due to exposure to COVID. Results were negative.
  • Adopted the Zettelkasten methodology for keeping notes.
  • 0 visits to a doctor due to injury related purposes. A personal first since 2019.
  • Drank copious amounts of coffee. It's more than previous years, trust me.
  • Learned how to do video editing properly outside of Windows Movie Maker.
  • Started a Gunpla builder/Maker focused YouTube Channel with one video out and another in the hopper at this time.
  • Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory 20th Anniversary album became my most listened to on Spotify. Don't judge me.
  • Became the DM for the Dungeons & Dragons campaign I'm a part of.
  • Made many many new friends, and strengthened relationships with others.

This is a lot more than I was initially expecting to write out, but this has been quite the year.

See you in 2021!